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Greetings! I am Rev. Jacquetta Y. Parhams and you are in the right place. I hope that The Whole-Self Ministries will be a soft, warm place for you to heal as you strive to meet life’s many challenges. As a current caregiver to my mother, I know how important support groups have been to my own journey. I look forward to providing the same critical support to others who are finding their way. 


Rev. Jacquetta Y. Parhams is a native of Los Angeles, California, and the world, through her father’s military service.  She graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a BA in English and another in Special Emphasis (Black Studies & Religious Studies).  She immediately entered Fuller Seminary where she earned an M.Div. in Theology.  She followed that up with a Ph.D. in Metaphysics.

In Seminary, Rev. Jacquetta served as African Advocate on the MultiCultural Concerns Committee.  She was elected Regional Vice President of the Western Region of the National Association of Black Seminarians.  During her internship, she received training to work with gang members.

In 1992, Rev. Jacquetta founded Efficientime Life Management (EFX), providing time management consulting.  In 1995, she founded Rhythm of the Drum: Our Wholistic Magazine.  She collaborated with Christ Centered Church in Prison Ministry.  She also produced and hosted a Public Access television show and facilitated monthly presentations by wholistic health professionals.

In 2012 Rev. Jacquetta was ordained in the Church of God, Anderson, Indiana.  As a member of the Church of God Ministries and the Interstate Association of the Church of God, Rev Jacquetta served as the first Director of the newly founded In-Service Training Institute West, the western extension of the ISTI based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, offering leadership classes for ministers.

Rev. Jacquetta served as associate pastor at New Horizon Christian Community Church, and later served as co-pastor.  She began serving as pastor/teacher and produced The Whole-Self Ministries Radio Program.  She later served as associate pastor at Airview Church of God, Opelika, Alabama. 

Rev. Jacquetta joined a support group while serving as a caregiver to her father in 2007 in Los Angeles. She studied all the material she could on caring for adults with dementia.  She later  followed her parents–after they moved to Alabama–to assist her mother with the care of her father.  Since his transition, she cares for her mother.

Her story leads Rev. Jacquetta to the work of her life.  She now runs Whole-Self in Tuskegee, Alabama, providing Self-Care presentations and wellness retreats for people who are prefer to learn and use preventative care by practicing all 5 Pillars of Self-Care, rather than letting medicine mask their symptoms.  Through Healing House at Peace Place, Rev. Jacquetta works closely with alternative health practitioners and teachers of Healing Movement to assist guests to level up their self-care.

Rev. Jacquetta facilitates the Black Family Caregivers’ monthly support group meetings. You can also find her on YouTube. Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.