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Free 15-Minute Coaching Sessions

If you’re tired of being tired and looking for a way to find balance and build up your health, let’s talk about how Self-Care Coaching or one of our classes will work for you.

To build your personalized Self-Care Plan

In order to get and remain healthy, we must practice all of The 5 Pillars of Self-Care +4: Nutritious Food, Clean Water, Fresh Air, Exhilarating Exercise, Rejuvenating Rest + Environmental Assessment, Attitude Adjustment, Support System and Time Management.  And as the world changes, work/life/spirit balance is more crucial for our health than ever.  More people are working at home and find it difficult to draw a line between work and home life.  Through our coaching, we can help you develop a Self-Care Plan that provides you with your own healthcare plan.  Coaching is offered as a group or one-on-one.


Classes will be announced as they approach.


If you’re caregiving and/or facing end-of-life issues…
Attending A Death Social

In this session, you will learn to hold a Death Social.  A Death Social is a safe space where people who are dealing with death anxiety can meet with friends and acquaintances to talk about death-related-matters, while having food and drink and socializing with others. The intent is to assist individuals to cope with uncomfortable thoughts and conversations around death and dying.  In this course, participants may address all subjects to do with death, from estate planning to near-death experiences to hospice, and any other topics relating to the transition from this life to the next.

Discussion of Living Funeral

Prepare for the inevitability of one’s own death and the death of our loved ones by ensuring that an estate plan and other appropriate advanced directives are prepared in writing   These may include:  last will and testament, living will, power of attorney, designation of personal representative and end-of-life instructions regarding resuscitation and other medical procedures, etc.

End-of-Life Doula

You’ve heard of a mid-wife, right? Another name for a midwife is “doula,” and they help usher new life into this world. An end-of-life midwife, or doula, does the same at the other end of the life spectrum. Come to our course, and learn how an End-of-Life Doula can help make moving toward the end of life less fearful and stressful for the person who is facing transition and their loved ones.


All of us face grief at some time in life.  When a loved one leaves, life can turn upside down, and grief can be a very difficult emotion to endure.  In this introductory course, we discuss how to recognize when people are grieving and ways people are impacted by grief.

Family Caregiving and Self-Care

Family caregivers are some of the most overworked and underappreciated workers in the country. They are largely unprepared for the amount of work ahead of them, and far too often, they push themselves pass the point of exhaustion so that they pass away before the person they are taking care of. In this class, caregivers learn the basics of caring for themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally, in order to change the statistics.

Transformational Sessions for Caregivers and Grievers

Supportive in-depth sessions designed to help caregivers and grievers.


Self-Care & Caregiving (2 Hours)

Price: $144

Caregiving is not easy.  And unfortunately, a large number of caregivers make transition before the person they are caring for.  The main reason this happens is that caregivers give so much, they don’t take time to care for themselves.  This, however, is the time a caregiver really needs to ensure they eat nutritious food, drink plenty of water, get fresh air, exercise and get proper rest.  These are the 5 Pillars of Self-Care, and that is only the beginning of what a caregiver will learn in this class.

Caregivers will also learn to manage their time in order to more effectively complete most of their necessary tasks, how to create an environment that lends itself to a being more peaceful and how to use the magic word: No.

Self-Care for Grievers (2 Hours)

Price: $144

People who are grieving often lose concern about themselves.  The sadness can become overwhelming, and they don’t want to do anything at all.

It may be difficult to get a person who is grieving to focus on self-care.  Whole-Self has a Self-Care Program designed specially for people who are grieving.  It addresses The 5 Pillars of Self-Care nutritious food, clean water, fresh air, exhilarating exercise and rejuvenating rest) and ties them in with the 5 stages of grief (anger, denial, depression, bargaining and acceptance) to help the person who’s grieving to lift themselves up at their own pace.

Understanding Grief (5 Hours)

Price: $369

The loss of a loved one is never easy.  And grief is experienced differently by every person who goes through it.  Unfortunately, family members and friends often do not understand the grief process.

In this course, family and friends (and others who live around people who are grieving) will learn the characteristics and nuances of grief.  We will discuss how to recognize grief and its various stages (anger, denial, depression, bargaining, acceptance), when grief is extreme, and how to advise a person who is grieving, and much, much more.  

Grief Manual is included in the cost of the class.