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About Rev. Jacquetta

Rev. Jacquetta

Our Guide & Founder

Greetings! I am Rev. Jacquetta and you are in the right place. I hope The Whole-Self Ministries will be where you achieve your maximum health.  I grew up wondering why people had to get sick as they got older.  Just as i was about to succumb to the idea in my 20s, Dick Gregory came to town and told me otherwise.  My life has never been the same.  I know wellness is supposed to be the norm.  That’s where we are meant to live!  And i’m working toward helping all of us live in that place, one client at a time.

I’m a wholistic, Christian, metaphysical, supershero of a minister!  I believe we all have superhero status stamped in our DNA, but somehow we lost it as we grew up–brainwashed into thinking kryptonite was normal.  Every supershero has a weakness.  They always have that one person who knows and keeps their secret identity secret.  They usually have some tragedy to overcome.  And that tragedy is what propels them into superheroicism (yes, it’s a word).

Well, my tragedy wasn’t as tragic as some tragedies may be.  My tragedy was falling into Christian churches that taught me that i was filthy rags, needed to be downtrodden and was destined to be poor in order to be holy.

Well maybe it was a tragedy after all!

The magical part of my journey is that i finally landed into a church with a wonderful pastor, Benjamin F. Reid, who allowed me to ask questions and who gave me the latitude to explore Christianity, in all its vastness.  He allowed me to learn how to minister to gang members.  He didn’t tell me i was going to hell for questioning why God does what God does.  He didn’t believe we were destined to be poor.  That church didn’t even have a building fund!  (That’s an inside joke.)  Instead, they had building drives and a board of directors that took care of the business of the church so we saw that our natural state of existence was one of abundance.  

Simultaneously, i was learning about Edgar Cayce, the Essenes, African ourstory; and becoming a full vegetarian (a process i  gently took three years to complete).  I learned Edgar Cayce planned to start a wholistic hospital, but ran out of money.  I learned from Dick Gregory we don’t have to get sick if we eat with Mother Nature.  I learned Yeshua was part of a sect of people, the Essenes, who believed in taking care of their body temples, to include eating food that builds up the body, not cutting their hair and practicing healing arts.  Whuuut?!  That’s the Yeshua i wanted to follow!

Thus, the journey of discovery began.  The seed was planted.  I wanted a hospital for our people where they could come get healthy, no matter what part of them was ailing: their minds, their bodies, their hearts, their spirits, their finances, their cultural connection, ALL of it!

But, as i said, i was injured by the early-life tragedy.  So i didn’t think i could build a hospital.  I didn’t even bother to tell anybody about that humongous dream.  I just buried the seed deep in my soul and kept going.  A little sprout came up in 1995 when i published Rhythm of the Drum: Our Wholistic Magazine for a few years.  That was my way of bringing people who had information together with the people who needed the information.  Unfortunately, we had to stop publishing because i didn’t have the skill to take it to the next level.  I had to get a job, so off to teaching i went.  

But that didn’t stop me from producing a show on the local Public Access channel on cable.  It started out as a volunteer training program where i learned to work the cameras, the sound system, the lights, the credits, the editing bay; and i even directed a couple of shows!  But when the program ended, i produced my own show.  It was the TV version of Rhythm of the Drum.  What fun!

I eventually put a cover over the blossoms as i worked my teaching job.  It struggled to break through periodically.  I learned African dance.  I studied iridology.  I studied meditation.  I studied aromatherapy.  I learned various forms of Metaphysics.  I learned massage therapy.  I learned Reiki. The seed was growing–but i didn’t know it.

Fiiinally, i began getting glimpses of a place where people could come and get the help they needed to be whole.  I began to call it Healing House.  I designed it in my notebook.  It began growing on the pages.  I began attracting the people who wanted to work with us.  So many people were so helpful.  Suddenly (after a really long time), we had a small staff!  We held our first Wholistic Health Expo!  We’re developing the Healing House Wellness Network!  And our clientele is growing!

I’m so delighted to be chosen for this Vision.  Each one of us has a “thing” we’re supposed to do on the planet.  Healing House is my “thing.”  Yaayyy!  I’m doing the work i’m on the planet for.  I used to tell people, “Everything i go through, i go through for you.”  It’s true!  I’m at this place, at this time, doing this work–for you!

The Traditional Bio with all The Traditional Info: 

Rev. Jacquetta Y. Parhams is a native of Los Angeles, California, and the world, through her father’s military service.  She graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a BA in English and another in Special Emphasis (Black Studies & Religious Studies).  She immediately entered Fuller Seminary where she earned an M.Div. in Theology with a concentration in MultiCultural Ministries.  She followed that up with a Ph.D. in Metaphysics.

In Seminary, Rev. Jacquetta served as African Advocate on the MultiCultural Concerns Committee.  She was elected Regional Vice President of the Western Region of the National Association of Black Seminarians.  During her ministerial internship under Bishop Benjamin F. Reid, she received training to work with gang members.

In 1992, Rev. Jacquetta founded Efficientime Life Management (EFX), providing time management consulting.  In 1995, she founded Rhythm of the Drum: Our Wholistic Magazine.  She collaborated with Christ Centered Church in Prison Ministry.  She also produced and hosted a Public Access television show and facilitated monthly presentations by wholistic health professionals.

In 2012 Rev. Jacquetta was ordained in the Church of God, Anderson, Indiana.  As a member of the Church of God Ministries and the Interstate Association of the Church of God, Rev Jacquetta served as the first Director of the newly founded In-Service Training Institute West, the western extension of the ISTI based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, offering leadership classes for ministers.

Rev. Jacquetta served as associate pastor at New Horizon Christian Community Church, and later served as co-pastor.  She began serving as pastor/teacher and produced The Whole-Self Ministries Radio Program.  She later served as associate pastor at Airview Church of God, Opelika, Alabama. 

Rev. Jacquetta joined a support group while serving as a caregiver to her father in 2007 in Los Angeles. She studied all the material she could on caring for adults with dementia.  She later  followed her parents–after they moved to Alabama–to assist her mother with the care of her father.  Since his transition, she cares for her mother.

Her story leads Rev. Jacquetta to the work of her life.  She now runs Whole-Self in Tuskegee, Alabama, providing Self-Care consultations, coaching and wellness treatments for people who prefer to learn and use preventative care by practicing all 5 Pillars of Self-Care (nutritious food, clean water, fresh air, exhilarating exercise, rejuvenating rest), rather than letting medicine mask their symptoms.  Through Healing House at Peace Place, Rev. Jacquetta works closely with alternative health practitioners and teachers of Healing Movement to assist guests to level up their self-care.

Rev. Jacquetta facilitates the Black Family Caregivers’ monthly support group meetings. You can also find her on YouTube. Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.  She also hosts a radio program, Rev. J’s Self-Care Station, which airs Wednesdays on www.InnerLightRadio.com.  You can find the videos on YouTube and our media page.