Healing House

Wholistic Health Expo

Located on a 10-acre spread called Peace Place, we invite you to attend wellness events that allow you to learn and practice self-care in a serene and supportive environment.  If you are experiencing a condition that keeps you ill, dis-eased or in pain, let us work with you to rebuild your wellbeing.  We offer Wellness Consultations by Dr. Darnita and Nurse Carolyn and ongoing coaching by Rev. Jacquetta to help you get and stay balanced.

Self-Care Wellness

Wholistic Health Expo

September 16, 2023

8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

If you're looking to be well naturally, this is the place to be!

$20 gets you in and pays for two of our $15 classes!
If you register in advance, we'll save a gift for you!

8:00....Opening Ceremony
...........Homatherapy w Mama Yogi
8:30....Kemetic Yoga with Ivory Kenan
9:45....Art with Jah Jah
11:00..Personal Fitness with David Henderson
12:15..Raw Food Preparation - A Taste of Wejuvenation and Healing Presented by RawSoulicious and Sunflowerwell
2:00....West African Drum Circle facilitated by Barry Johnson, Creative Director of Sahi On Ko Djony

Alternative Practitioners/

Absa Heru, Herbalist
Art by Jah Jah
Nurse Stacey Changey -
Immune System Building
RawSoulicious Sunflowerwell
Reiki by La

Our Sponsors

Blue Seas Restaurant #2
Tuskegee, Alabama

Wellness Consultations

Come get your blood pressure and weight checked.  Get recommendations to improve both naturally.

Bring your medical records, and let us explain them.

Fine Print:  When you attend our event (whether in person of online) you agree to allow us to capture your likeness and use it for promotional purposes.