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February 8th, 2024 2 p.m. PT / 4 p.m. CT / 5 p.m. ET

Essential Self-Care Skills for Caregivers: 

Overcome Overwhelm and Increase Your Joy

Learn how to transform from feeling overwhelmed to experiencing joy through essential self-care skills at this online workshop.
What Will be Covered in This Workshop

Modern life is challenging. There are constant financial, relationship, work and family demands. For caregivers there is added stress of having less time for themselves, lack of privacy, and additional emotional and physical stress. Self-care practices are vital for mental and emotional well-being.

In this transformative and interactive workshop delivered by Conscious Living Teacher, 14x Author, and Sound Healer, Dawn James you will learn practical ways to reset your nervous system, reduce symptoms of stress, increase energy and experience greater joy in your life.

Self-care also ensures you have enough gas in your tank to support others. After all, you can’t pour from an empty cup!

Discover the science behind self-care and learn how to easily incorporate it into your daily life.

This workshop offers you:

  • An understanding of happiness hormones – what they are and how they influence your state of mind.
  • An effortless guided meditation experience to help you rediscover your smile and inner joy. You will be able to connect to the joy that already exists within you.
  • Tools for incorporating self-care into your daily routine.
  • Journal prompts
  • A comprehensive list of self-care activities to explore and enjoy.
  • Small group discussions
Your Facilitator: Dawn James

Dawn James, a former corporate executive working 70 hours a week, experienced a spiritual crisis in 2003 which changed the trajectory of her life. Shortly thereafter she left her career, began studying the healing arts and became a certified sound healer. A few years later she began writing about her experience through a trilogy of books on conscious living and how to improve your relationship with yourself and others. In 2022 she won a Silver Award for her life story Unveiled: Autobiography of an Awakened One. Today she teaches through her books, and public speaking and hosts retreats wellness and writers’ retreats in Costa Rica. Learn more at www.dawnjames.ca  See Dawn’s book collection at www.raisethevibration.ca