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Healing House

June 2023  I  Tuskegee, AL 36083

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Self-Care for Our Healthcare

The Whole-Self Ministries provides space to apply The 5 Pillars of Self-Care +4 to help overworked, tired adults to achieve mind/body/spirit healing rejuvenation.



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Rev. Jacquetta

Our Leader

Greetings!  I am Rev. Jacquetta Y. Parhams and you are in the right place!   I hope The Whole-Self Ministries will be a soft, warm place for you to heal as you practice caring for yourself and getting your life in balance in order to meet life’s many challenges.

As a current caregiver to my mother, I know how important support has been to my own journey.  We at Whole-Self look forward to providing the same critical support to other tired individuals who wish to heal using healthy methods.

Thanks so much for learning more about The Whole-Self Ministries.  We are excited to connect with you!

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Our Services

Healing House Mini-Retreats

The Healing House Mini-retreats are designed just for you. Each month, you will have an opportunity to rejuvenate.

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The Institute of Whole-Self Care

The Institute is the place where we offer courses in body/mind/spirit wellness.

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Black Family Caregivers

A useful resource tool for caregivers.  Get info and/or attend support group meetings.

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Healing House Mini-Retreat

Come and care for yourself!

The Healing House Mini-Retreats are designed just for you.  Each month, you will eat nutritious food, gather info about The 5 Pillars of Self-Care +4 and participate in healing movement.  You will leave with tools to help you make a self-care plan your primary health care plan.

The next Healing House Mini-Retreat will be held in Little Texas, Tuskegee Alabama on June 16-17, 2023!

See below for event times, pricing and registration information.  Registration and payment are both required to attend the event.

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The Whole-Self Ministries

The Institute

Learn more about the value and the how-to of caring for self through:

Self-Care Coaching

Take a deep-dive into The 5 Pillars of Self-Care +4 and apply them to your life to create your own Self-Care Plan.

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Self-Care Classes

There are so many ways to care for ourselves from the way we eat to the way we sleep.  Learn more about each pillar: Nutritious Food, Clean Water, Fresh Air, Exhilarating Exercise and Rejuvenating Rest.

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